Project Examples

Project Examples

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Case Study Simulation Module

Included in this project review:

  • Final Project Module - hosted on AWS
  • Project Management Agreement - PDF
  • Storyboard - PNG
  • Voice Narration Script Design Document

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Personalization & Diversity in Learning

Coaching Teammates on New Methods & Skills

This project demonstrates how to personalize education for a diverse audience.

Included in this project review:

  • Demo Module - hosted on AWS

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Infographics Pilot: New Delivery Method Project

This project was a "pet" project of mine that became a team standard and beloved by learners and educators all over the hospital. 

Included in this project review:

  • Brief summary of the pilot and a gallery of examples

Competency & Evaluation Example

This is an example of developing a competency curriculum that tests knowledge and understanding of not just how to do certain skills, but also why it's important to do it. The tests are essays and individually graded with remediation built in. This is an example of thinking outside the box by allowing learners to choose their testing path based on their specialty and/or interests. 

It also employs a Kirkpatrick Level 1 Reaction survey. 

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Custom Graphics Gallery

This is a gallery of a few custom graphics I've created. Most of them were created to look like a piece of equipment that could be easily used for simulation, navigation, or interaction. 

  • Created in Adobe Photoshop