CIWA-Ar: Inpatient

CIWA-Ar: Inpatient Scenario

About This Project

In 2017, the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol Scale, or better known as CIWA-Ar, replaced the old tool for assessing patients suffering from alcohol withdrawal. Where the previous tool was "to the point" but inflexible, CIWA-Ar relies on the nurse's critical thinking skills to better judge the severity of each symptom. This makes them more capable of offering the right-sized intervention to the right patient. 

Current nurses and new nurses both possess general knowledge of alcohol withdrawal interventions either learned in school or through experience, so the knowledge portion of learning wasn't necessary here. What was more important was helping the current nurses understand and embrace the new tool and provide an opportunity to practice the evaluation and application in an environment where a real patient's care wouldn't be compromised. 

After a consultation with my project owners and subject matter experts (SMEs) I used Articulate Storyline 360 to create a storyboard for them. The learning solution  combined a case study and software simulation that concentrated on practice with a degree of realism to support the adult learning theory of immediate relevance. 

As the designer and developer, the design document presented to them was for the project owners and subject matter experts and to make rapid development easier for me. It was not handed to a different developer to create. 

  • Design, Development, Audio: Sommer Wiegert
  • Audio Recording: Yeti Microphone
  • Audio Editing: Audacity
  • Female voice: Sommer Wiegert
  • Male Voice: Greg M. 
  • Graphics: License purchased from or Storyline 360 library